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Suzaku and Anya Joins Pangya

And our couple for this week in Pangya's promotional costume event is Suzaku and Anya!

I kind of had the idea they would be listed but, wasn't too sure. Again, Anya looks very odd with Kooh's animations. Suzaku isn't too bad with Max, considering how he looks during his self-righteousness during the show.

Two pairs left and no idea who they will be. Marianne and Charles...? Milly and Rivalz?

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Xcomp Author

Oh, that thing! I remember now, LOL.




that thing kallen dressed up into and fought shirley in r2



Xcomp Author

Hi! Thanks for dropping in and commenting!

Hmmm... Could be C.C. and Cheese-kun. I think that's cute enough for Panya. But mole mascot...? Can't remember there was one ^^;




I'm hoping for a cheese kun and that mole mascot!




Ohhh~ I hope they make another CC with her black suit~ I really love that outfit!

And, hi Xcomp! Been a while no?