Over A Hundred People Signs for Persona Music Live DVD

Looks like it could still be some time before we see the Persona Music Live DVD.

Currently the idea of such a DVD is still only listed under Atlus’ “Project D” listing which, is a list of products that Atlus fans suggests to the company and petitions for to be produced. So far, the DVD is at the top of the list with just over a hundred signatures with the last being made early this month.

I don’t know how good that is but, that’s less than a tenth of the fans who attended the event. Lets hope it really is good enough to get the thumbs up from Atlus soon!

6 thoughts on “Over A Hundred People Signs for Persona Music Live DVD

  1. Xcomp Post author

    A whole bunch of fun stuff….

    P4, Figures of the friends at the party.
    Remake of the first Persona game.
    P4, Yosuke’s headphones.
    P4, the glasses.
    A phone strap of “Teddy” Kuma.
    Photo book of Rise.

    I’m guessing the remake will probably end up being the Persona PSP game that Atlus hasn’t revealed yet.

  2. Silverdragon15

    Hmm, I was wondering if Yosuke’s headphones were somewhere, but I don’t see how the glasses could be special. Well, you could say you went the extra mile when you cosplay.
    Was there anything on an extra soundtrack for Persona 4?

  3. Maaya

    psp persona would be cool, hope it comes with free stuff… maybe a bundle of the first few persona games for psp? That’d be nice too…


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