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Episode 7 Summary - The Snow Girl & Vampire

Tsukune and the rest of the newspaper club members were handing out the latest issue of their Youkai Newspaper with the headline, "The Dangerous Fan Club". It was being well received and every copy was given out at the end.

Youkai Newspaper is well received.

Just as they were talking about having a party to loosen up, a purple haired girl appears before them. She says out loud that she just didn't understand how they could still get along after what happened the other day. Kurumu gets a little annoyed but the girl was just here to get a newspaper. Tsukune goes over to hand over the crunched up copy he had. Somehow, the girl seemed interested in him.

One more girl for the show.

Class soon begins and the friends find out the girl's name was Mizore Shirayuki. She was in the same class as they were but hasn't been attending due to certain circumstances.

After class was over, Kurumu and Moka goes off to buy some snacks for their party. Little did they know Mizore was hiding in the background. Tsukune notices her and finds out she was a big fan of the articles he wrote. She even cut them all out and kept them in a scrap book. Tsukune was delighted to learn someone liked his writing but, was taken aback when he opens up to book to find a whole collection of criticism next to his articles.

The shock.

Mizore reveals she likes reading Tsukune's articles because he always wrote from the weak's point of view. She felt his thoughts and ways of living were much like her own. From his writing, she thinks Tsukune is lonely.

Meanwhile, Nekonome was finding out how Mizore maybe a problem from her colleagues. Kotsubo thought that by not attending since the first day of school was already a bad sign while the other teacher says, this could mean she had problems during junior high. They advise Nekonome to pay more attention to her so that she doesn't affect other students.

Nekonome has a hard time.

Moka had finished buying snacks and drinks and was waiting patiently for Tsukune in the club room now. The door opens but it wasn't Tsukune. An expressionless Mizore approaches Moka slowly as water drips from her to the wooden floor. Suddenly she knocks Moka down, straggling her telling her that she was an obstacle. She had to die so that Mizore could possess Tsukune.

In an attempt to struggle free, Moka hits Mizore in the face but to her surprise, she finds part of Mizore's head shattering into pieces. It was just a doll Mizore created to deal with Moka. It raises its arm, transforming into a deadly icicle ready for the finishing blow.

Mizore's clone.

By the lake, Tsukune himself was having a hard time trying to free himself from the real Mizore. She had changed into her true form now, a snow girl who had the ability to control ice. Mizore believed their meeting was by fate and they will come to understand each other so that they could get rid of loneliness.

Just as Tsukune was being frozen, Kurumu appears together with Moka. Kurumu happened to enter the room when Moka was about to be killed. She ended up wasting her specially made cake after smashing the baking tray over the Mizore's clone. Unfortunately, Mizore's frosty powers prove a bit too much to handle. As Kurumu and Moka gets knocked out of the air, Tsukune tries to stop Mizore from hurting Moka. When Mizore hears that Tsukune isn't lonely, she cries out thinking she was being rejected. She disappears with a burst of snow.

Tsukune trying to protect the girls again.

With the water no longer under the effect of Mizore's powers, it begins to melt and sending the three friends into the ice cold lake beneath them.

Soon they were back in the club room wrapped up in blankets, trying to recover from their cold ordeal. They suddenly hear a lot of noise outside and find out Mizore's attacked one of the teachers, Kotsubo. In the staff room, Tsukune is in disbelief and tries to ask for some kind of proof but apparently, the badly injured Kotsubo's words were enough for the school staff to go out in search of Mizore.

Nekonome explains what's happened.

Thinking it was his fault that Mizore was acting this way, Tsukune rushes out to find her but the others felt it was Mizore's own fault because of the way she was acting. However, Tsukune had to find her to say what he didn't manage to finish saying earlier at the lake. He soon finds her by the cliff side and tries to convince her to go back to the school with him to apologise to the teacher Kotsubo. Tsukune was sure she didn't mean it and that she won't get punished too badly if she went back with him now.

For some reason, tears stream down Mizore's face as she suddenly laughs out bitterly. She thought Tsukune would have understood her but he didn't. She cries out, knocking Tsukune away from her as small blizzard forms around her. As the confused Tsukune stands there thinking about what to do, the other girls arrive at the scene. They had with them some photos Gin managed to capture which showed what had really happened. It was the teacher Kotsubo who had tried to attack Mizore first.

Mizore is hurt by Tsukune's words.

Tsukune tries to apologise to Mizore but she was completely out of control now. The ground around them completely freezes over and icy statues of Mizore appear behind her. Voices from her heart can be heard as they reveal how lonely she's been and how no one understands her, not even Tsukune who she had placed her faith in.

The ground below her suddenly gives way as she laughs out bitterly. Tsukune dives over and catches her hand just in time. The statues had come alive now, continuing to voice the lonely thoughts of Mizore as they prepared to attack. Mizore was ready to give up her life but Tsukune wasn't going to give up. He had wanted to tell her that he wasn't lonely any more because he had made new friends at the school and invites Mizore to be his friend too. However, Mizore could no longer control her clones.

Can Tsukune pull her back up?

Seeing Tsukune in danger, Moka dives over to try and give him a hand. She misses, allowing Tsukune to pull of the rosario accidentally. With her powerful Youkai aura, Vampire Moka manages to crush Mizore's statues with ease because they were formed from a much weaker aura. She walks over to fling Tsukune and Mizore back onto solid ground. When she hears how ungrateful Mizore was, she kicks her away and tells her to live well so that she can understand what death is really all about. Battle lasted eighty six seconds this time.

Vampire Moka teaches Mizore a lesson.

Later, Tsukune and the others were back in the club room trying to warm themselves up again. It looks like Mizore wasn't going to get punished any more. The room suddenly becomes very cold. Mizore was by the door. She had cut her hair because she was ready to start a new life.

A new hair cut.

When Gin snaps a photo of the new Mizore, the others start to praise him for the photos he managed to take. Unfortunately before they could finish, they find some other indecent photos dropping out of his pockets. He may have cleared Mizore but he hadn't gotten over his bad habit yet and was still the same old peeking demon. He ends up getting a beating from Yukari and Kurumu.

Gin getting another beating.

Meanwhile, Mizore stares in jealousy as Moka feels like taking a bite again.

Next episode, "Maths & Vampire".


Yukari's "desu desu!" is getting kind of annoying.

This was a pretty good episode. I liked the little surprise scene when Moka shatters Mizore's clone. I thought she had knocked out Tsukune and then went after Moka at that part. Of course, this episode would have been even better if the usual fan service was filtered out and Mizore's random character song didn't cut in.

I didn't know whether I should have laughed or feel the tension growing when Moka dived to give Tsukune a hand at the cliff. The camera was gave a full view of her panties for the entire shot. I know this is supposed to be a fan service comedy show but, where exactly is the director trying to focus our attention here? ^^;

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