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Episode 6 Summary - The Day the Chief Inspector Disappeared

It was another busy day at the office for Chief Inspector Ryo. As he stamped away at the documents that required approving, he is told that idol Chikorin was not going to make it for the "One Day Inspector Day".

A typical day at the office.

Everyone was looking forward to this day when a talent would come and take the position of chief inspector for the day so that they can help get a certain message across to citizens. Today it was the road safety campaign but, since young Chikorin wasn't going to make it due to heavy snow in the Kantou area, they're going to have run the event without her much to the disappointment of the male staff. In particular Tomohiro who was a fan of hers.

Tomohiro suggests that maybe they could find replacements for the day by letting the citizens of Ayanagi do it. Ryo agrees and tells the deputy chief to make the necessary arrangements.

Maybe the citizens can help.

Being the holiday it was, Shin had decided to drop by the school dorm to see how Takuro was doing. Megumi just happened to be leaving to go visit her Senpai at the hospital and tells Shin he probably wasn't up yet because she tried to phone him and he didn't pick up. It was understandable considering what he's been through.

Shin drops by the dorm.

As a reminder, Megumi warns Shin not to use his Persona too much, still concerned that it was dangerous. She suggests they just leave it to the police next time something happens. In the meantime, perhaps Shin can convince Takuro to go to the Chikorin event at the park.

Just then, Shin's brother Jun arrives. He had come along too. Shin introduces him and laughs at Megumi's reaction. A lot of people said they didn't look like brothers. Megumi greets Jun and replies that it was true but, it was rude to say something like that out loud. Shin smiles at Megumi's words since she just said it herself.


Meanwhile in town, Tomohiro was sent out to scout for those candidates suitable to be a one day inspector. He spots Kanaru who appears to be lost. She also spots him and approaches his car. She was indeed lost. Often she would find herself waking up in places she didn't know. As Tomohiro wonders what he should do, he suddenly realises something. He tells Kanaru to let him have a good look at her face. She was pretty cute. Maybe she'll "do it"? Kanaru misunderstands and backs off a little frightened.

Want to

At the police office. Ryo was talking to his Contact again about what's happening for the day. Ryo was glad there was an event on because the media would have something else to focus on besides the Reverse cases. The Contact understands the importance of the one day inspector event but would recommend "Fukorin" instead because he was well known for her cosplaying skills. On the other hand, Chikori had greater fame and has experience of these events before so perhaps she may do a more effective job running the campaign. Ryo's Contact seems to know a lot about of talents.

Their conversation is interrupted when Eiko arrives. It was supposed to be a holiday for her too but, Ryo needed her help again. This time it wasn't anything personal though. Official orders were issued to bring Eiko over to work in their department. On the other hand, Ryo doesn't want them to be seen together too much in case they raise any suspicions.

Eiko is a bit disappointed.

Inspector Kunio and the deputy chief also comes into his room to report that a girl had dropped by to return a wallet someone dropped. The staff noticed she looked pretty cute and may just be the person they're looking for the campaign.

Kunio meets Eiko for the first time.

Just then, a call comes in that another Reverse case just took place. Ryo rushes out and leaves the deputy chief in charge. It turns out to be a false alarm. Orders were given out to report anyone who seemed to have the symptoms of a Reverse victim and that was why the young officer phoned in. Ryo was about to make his way back when he sees someone in a teddy bear suit collapsing onto the ground.

By lunchtime, Shin and Jun were discussing with Takuro about the Marebito they encountered the other day. Shin tells him that his brother seems to know something but won't tell them because it's a classified case. Besides that, they didn't exactly feel comfortable speaking with their brother since Ryo have been telling them to get out of the city. Takuro didn't have much to say about their family affairs. He looks at his clock and realises they'll be late for Chikorin's event at the park. The friends make their way out of the dorm.

Takuro's dorm room,

As they leave the door, Takuro says they should hurry so they can take the front seats. He seemed to be feeling better now. He has decided to continue to believe that his friend Takashi is still alive somewhere. Even if his Persona was taken, he must still be alive. However, Shin clearly knew he was already dead. He pauses to think when Takuro asks if he's found any of the missing people so far. Shin smiles weakly and replies he hasn't.

Takuro continues to believe his friend is alive.

Back where Ryo was, he was still tending to whoever was in the teddy bear suit. He goes off to buy something for the worker to eat only to find him gone later, leaving his costume behind. It was Yuuji in that costume and he was hiding himself from view.

As Ryo took the costume to return it, he sees a boy crying and overhears that he was here to see Mr. Teddy Bear but missed him. Ryo goes off and returns all dressed up much to the boy's delight. Ryo's phone rings but he struggles to get it out because of the costume. Just as he was about to take it off, the little boy's older brother tries to tell him it just someone in a costume but his younger brother refuses to believe him. Ryo decides to keep his costume on.

Ryo in a teddy bear costume.

Meanwhile, the deputy chief had received reports that the Hiragi Company Director they were going to work with for the event, had received a threat letter. Someone had kidnapped his sons and were ransoming him. He was to hand over the money at the event. Considering how dangerous this may turn out, the deputy chief decides to tell Megumi and Kanaru to return home and forget about the event.

Unfortunately, the girls overhear what was happening but was keen to go ahead and do whatever they can to help. At first, the deputy chief refuses to let them take part in their plan because it was too dangerous. However, Kunio says it would be too suspicious if they changed the event now so it goes on as planned.

Megumi and Kanaru keen to help out.

On the other hand, Ryo continued to entertain the boys he was with. Just as they were about to leave, two rough looking men stop them. They were ones that took them here and intended to keep them until the event was over. When the two boys refuses to listen to them, the men decide to use force, taking out a knife and forcing the disguised Ryo to go with them.

They have no idea who's in there.

The traffic safety event was going on as planned now. Megumi was doing her best to remind people that it was against the law to drink and drive. They should try and think about what happened ten years ago and treasure their own and other people's lives so that they can make the world a better place to live in.

The police were now on standby ready to apprehend the criminals when they appeared. Kunio was making sure both the girls won't get harmed but thinks back to what happened at the karaoke club. Perhaps they won't need any protection. Somehow, Jun manages to hear their thoughts and warns Shin and Takuro that things may get dangerous at the event. However, they shouldn't summon their Personas if the need arises.

Jun seems to read minds.

To Jun's surprise, the event ends safely. Megumi and Kanaru finds they've gained some fans even. It turns out the Hiragi Company Director had deliberately given the police the wrong place so that he could have one of his subordinates hand over the money as demanded by the criminals. He is happy when he finds his sons appear before him, safe and sound but is puzzled about why the criminals didn't take the money. His sons claim Mr. Teddy Bear saved them.

In the same area but at another place, Ryo is reminded of the time when Shin fell down as a little boy and cried because he lost his blue balloon. He lifted him up onto his shoulders to cheer Shin up.

Ryo thinks back to the old days.

Suddenly, he hears someone calling him. It was Shin but he didn't recognise his brother in his costume. Shin wanted to buy some balloons, in particular the blue one. He buys one each for Megumi and Kanaru too. Takuro felt it was a bit weird of him buying balloons but the girls thought it was cute.

Balloons for the girls.

However, Takuro was more curious about how the girls ended up being one day chief inspectors. Megumi tells him she was returning a lost wallet while Kanaru says she was lost. Another strange thing but he doesn't ask any further. Now what was the real chief doing that day? Jun looks back at the man with the teddy costume knowingly.


Next episode, the "The Stranger Called "I"".

Shin and his friends go to the hot springs inn at Kurobe. Joining them is Megumi's Senpai, Yumi Tasaka who she has also invited along. She has yet to recover from the trauma of the Marebito's attack. Fortunately, thanks to Megumi opening up herself up and treating her like a dear little sister, Yumi becomes a little more at ease.

Watashi to iu Tanin


Ah, what a great episode! A nice break from all the dark mystery ones that's been set mostly at night or evening so far. I got quite a few laughs from this one. The interaction between the friends and the other side of cold faced Ryo dressed in his teddy bear costume was fun to watch.

What was more interesting however was how "Akihiko" (i.e. Ryo's contact) knew so much about girl idols. Doesn't sound like the Akihiko we know from the Persona 3 game! It's only speculation that it's Akihiko on the other end of the phone so far but, perhaps he's changed over the ten years. Enough to actually have grown an interest in the opposite sex perhaps.

And er, "Starbooks Coffee"! Must visit that place sometime! I've actually never been into Starbucks before here. Usually just eat at the student union.

Star-Books Coffee

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Oh, man! I'm agreement, this episode was a refreshing break from all the mystery and drama. I thought it was very whimsical and cute. Something that I've thought about, based on this episode, is perhaps Ryo wants things to go back to "normal" as well but his duties as the oldest brother and Chief prevent him from going in that direction?




Ah yes, FMP Fumoffu. I was thinking that too when I saw this. Wonder if Ryo beat them up while still in the costume? He must have some skill if he did!

Yeah, you're right. Mr. Teddy gave it to him. Your Japanese is better than mine!




wandered over from AnimeSuki Persona thread and was reading your summaries for this anime. This is very very helpful while waiting for the fansubs as I wouldn't understand what is being said in the raws XD
LOL Ryo in the bear suit reminds me of Full Metal Panic ^__*
re:Balloon scene
oh Shin bought it himself? I thought that "Mr Teddy Bear" gave it to him
Thanks again