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Blog Migrates for a Second Time


Blog Migrates for a Second Time


Since I will no longer be writing for Gamebrink anymore, I've decided to move my blog out again but not back to Blogger. Blogger's kind of too limited for my liking because its search feature isn't very accurate and there's no tagging or categories. So, it's back with Wordpress but since it's no longer hosted on a separate server, I can't customise it as much as I want to. Too bad because I wanted to bring back Adsense from Google. No point dishing out on my own private hosting right now because I want to see how things go first. As you can see, I haven't fixed up everything on this new blog yet such as the blogroll links and about page.

Trying to think of a new name for the blog instead of "Yuuenchi". I chose that name because I was just planning to cover games only back when I started. It'll mostly be the same content but there will be some other random posts too.

I thought of starting this blog from scratch but well, I'll just leave all the news I've translated over the past few months in as a reference. The links will probably end up being broken once my previous blog gets removed but, shouldn't matter too much. You will also probably be seeing lots of new categories popping up as I write up posts from now on because they're not exactly going to all fit under the news categories!



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Cool, hope the new posts don't bore you ^^;




For the second time, I will read your blog every day, even if there isn't all the news there were by past.

(Sorry for my terrible english, french's better, no ?)