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Pentavision Reveals More Details About Their Upcoming “S4 League Portable” PSP Game

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Pentavision Reveals More Details About Their Upcoming “S4 League Portable” PSP Game

Pentavision (famous for PSP rhythm series "DJ Max Portable") has revealed more details about their "S4 Project" this week on Ruliweb. Both the PSP Portable and online PC version of the third person "shooting sports" game "S4 League" will appear in 2008. Currently the online version is only available to 3000 players for play testing.

Screen 1

In Ruliweb's interview with Producer Shin Bong Gun, they have expressed that the high quality LCD screen on the PSP console will be very appropriate for their visuals and they're creating the portable version of the game to thank those who supported their DJ Max Portable games.

Screen 2

Both the MMORPG and Portable version will be similar in terms of the world setting but they are currently thinking about tweaking other things such as concentrating on adding more content for story telling and mission mode in the portable version.

Apparently they might have a Link Disk feature to use with the DJMP games so that you can have your favourite DJ characters like El in the game.

Of course, Pentavision's sound team will be working on the soundtrack for the game as well as some famous oversea artists.

Screen 3

If the PSP version of the game will indeed be the same as the online version, there should be a capture the flag and deathmatch mode. CTF will consist of teams composed of 3 members. Environments are destructible and there will be avatar items to change the appearance of your character.

The video reminds me so much of Unreal Tournament except it's third person and those robots they used... I guess it sort of is. Well at least it's not another grinding RPG.

You can check out the promotional video from the interview page. Just search for WMV.

Screen 4

They keep changing the character designs, don't they? El was a little girl in the first game, second game she looks mature and now she looks er... different again.

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