Game of Life DS: The Heisei & Shouwa Era, Experience Life since the Early 19th Century

In case you’re wondering, the traditional Japanese like to name time periods after their reigning emperor. Currently, it’s the Heisei Era which started in 1989. This year 2007 is referred to as Heisei 19, which basically means the Japanese emperor Akihito’s 19th year of ruling.

Culture note aside, there will be two versions of “Jinsei Game DS”. One will be set in the Heisei Era and other in the Shouwa Era (1926~1989). There will be support for up to 4 players via wireless allowing owners of either version to link up, over 5000 questions available, life events and also your very own customisable character.

Due Autumn 2007 from Takara Tomy.


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