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Densha Otoko 2006 Deluxe, More Comedy Drama!


Densha Otoko 2006 Deluxe, More Comedy Drama!

????????? (Saigo no Seisen) or, "The Last Crusade" was shown on Fuji TV yesterday and now a raw's up on D-Addicts!

Densha Deluxe 2006

This special has Yamada trying to propose to Aoyama but he can't do it and now, has to go back to the message boards to get support.

And yes, Aoyama looks bad in the picture on the site...

For those of you who don't know about the love story, it's basically about an Otaku (Yamada) who plucks up the courage to help a girl (Aoyama) being hassled by a drunk man on a train. Later, Aoyama asks him for his name and address at the police station so she could thank him and Yamada receives a pair of expensive Hermes branded cups. After he posts his story on a popular real life message board known as "2ch", their relationship starts to develop with every event backed up by the message posters.

Aoyama and Yamada

It's a great comedy drama which was apparently based on a real life story. You can even find the actual 2ch message boards posted around the net but, up to you if you believe it or not. Since the show has been on air along with the movie and book, there's been a drastic increase in the number of visitors to the "Otaku Land" of Akiharaba (AKA, "Akiba") and that's probably what lead to this special.

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