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Magical Vacation: 5 Hoshi ga Narabu Toki Guide v1.00 Update

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Magical Vacation: 5 Hoshi ga Narabu Toki Guide v1.00 Update

Walkthrough complete!

A great game from Brownie Brown, the developers of Secret of Mana and Mother 3 (known as Earthbound outside Japan)! It had a very interesting battle system although it could use a little more spells. Music and graphics were top-notch even though they are only 2D. The backgrounds and sprites all very detailed with fluid animations and rendering.

The story seemed fairly dull at first just like the first game was on the GBA but the variety of the different planets kept my interest. The story did however develop eventually as we learn about the legends behind the planets and the Tarotaro Solar System. A very original, if not kind of wacky idea behind it all. But what would you expect from a company that helped develop Mother 3!

Kind of felt sorry for Chai in the ending, though =(

Hope you enjoyed it, for those who followed my guide!

Don't forget the English version of this game, "Magical Starsign" will be released in October in the US.

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