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Star Ocean 5 Integrity and Faithlessness Review

Feycreed is a planet where only magic and swords exist in the universe of Star Ocean 5. Lestia is under attack by their neighbouring country who has somehow gained new unknown powers. While helping with one of the battles, they rescue a little girl Lillia from a crashed spaceship. They decide to help find out where her home is and become part of a galactic space conflict.

Little kid with amnesia... or so it seems.

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Exist Archive Review

Tri-Ace games have been a mixed experience for me. I didn’t like Star Ocean 4 for its stiff animation and bland battle system but, I did enjoy Resonance of Fate so I decided to try Exist Archive.

So, a group of gifted teenagers who possess certain talents are caught up in an accident one day and find themselves on another planet. The AI overseer, Amatsume who governs the planet tells them they are dead and has gathered their souls so that she can keep an eye of the great evil sealed within each of them. Meanwhile, another race is trying to overthrow her rule and unleash this evil. It’s up to them to choose who to side with for a chance to returning home.

It begins...

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