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A Web Exploit That May Let People Know Where You Live | インターネットバグであなたの住所見つけられる | 漏洞網頁可找到你家的地址

Someone from the annual Black Hat Technical Security Conference has discovered an exploit that unveils the MAC address of someone’s home router and have thought of a potential way of using it to find out someone’s address via a carefully tailored webpage.

It’s an interesting idea minus the privacy concerns…

Every networking device e.g. your wireless router and phone has a unique Media Access Control (MAC) address that identifies it. Usually this can be found printed underneath the device and this MAC address is broadcast together with the signals that the device sends out. There’s not much you can do hide it although there are ways to “spoof” (i.e. change it to something fake).

As you may know, recently Google has been caught up in a fiasco about how they have been gathering unencrypted wireless data around the world including SSIDs and MACs while recording for their Street View service.

As wireless routers aren’t moved between locations very much, the MAC addresses can easily be recorded together with where they’re found which would most likely be your home.

In other words, it’s like having another line tacked to your home address and having public access to it via this exploit. You can imagine the risks this could have via social networking sites such as Facebook – A simple click on one of the ads or games could reveal who you are and your address.

All those jokes about “stalking” someone with these services could really come true ^^;

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