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Meguro Lets Slip A Few Persona PSP Changes

New video footage are up but Director Meguro reminds his readers that these are still just from the development stage of the PSP remake and some of it is pretty old so don’t expect the final version to be the same.

With the visuals looking so different from P3 and P4, I wonder how will people who just got exposed to the Megaten Persona series react to the game? There will be no high school life sim element after all and even the visuals look a fair bit different. The only similar element will be the new Anime cutscenes.

Battle system.

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Meguro Writes Only A Selection of Tracks Will Be in Persona PSP

In the second entry of his developer’s diary, Shoji Meguro describes how he is going about his music composition for the upcoming Persona PSP game. Two of the tracks being available for sampling already.

Shoji Meguro Developer's Diary Vol. 2

The rearrangements will be based on the pop style he developed from P3 and P4 and, will be trying to match it all with the world settings of the original Persona game. In the original, the theme songs were based on the characters that appeared during events but in this remake, Meguro has decided he will be re-arranging the music to match the atmosphere of the event scenes that occur instead. Thus, only 67 of the over 100 tracks of the original game will end up being re-arranged and used. If you count the dungeon tracks made of sound effects too however, the number could be considerably greater.

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Sample the Persona PSP Renewed Soundtrack

Two samples from the renewed Persona soundtrack is available for listening now. The opening starts of reminding me of “Mellow Dream” from PTS when Shin and his friends were off to Kurobe Bay but that wasn’t by Meguro. Then the second half reminds me of the rock part from P3’s OP “Burn My Dread”. The second track feels like a mix of the style from P3 and P4. Not saying they sound the same but, just the feeling.

In any case, I’m really digging the soundtrack so far. Can’t wait to hear the full versions in April.

Sample tracks.