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Guide to Becoming IdolM@ster – The Second

Yes, I know. 3 years late but better late than never. Had this written up long ago but never made the time to finish off the edit since there’s little chance of any English speakers importing this ^^;

Anyway, 120 hours of IdolM@ster 2 on the PS3 and got the platinum trophy. Looks and plays much better than the PSP game which only let you manage one idol.

Despite its appearance that seems to be directed a “moe” fans, it’s actually a very fun management sim with a mish-mash of mini games to increase your idol’s visual appeal, dance moves, vocals. Then you have to spend time to increase your idols popularity while keeping the fans happy nationwide to sell more singles, win awards and out compete your rivals.

It’s not easy balancing it all in a limited number of weeks (turns).

So here is a guide to beating the game with full S rank (Hyper Mode). The conditions for scoring an S rank in each of the following factors are…

  • Group Image Label – Level 16
  • High Score – 65,000 pts
  • Number of Singles Sold – 5.5 million
  • Highest Chart Position – No. 1
  • No. of Retries – 0
  • Academy Awards – All Regions and Idol Academy Award (5 million fans, top 20)

IdolM@ster 2

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