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Trip to Japan Day 11 – 5cm Location Hunting, Evangelion Store, Tokyo Metropolitan Building

Harajuku, one of the spots for 5cm.

It was our last day in Japan before we fly back to Scotland tomorrow. So, being a big fan of Makoto Shinkai’s 5 Centimetres per Second (5cm) fan I just had to visit some of the locations that were located around Tokyo.

Note: The location hunting wasn’t done in order and this wasn’t a full day dedicated to 5cm location hunting. You will see the local areas too. Photos are also cropped to match the way they’re depicted in the Anime but if you click on them, you can see the uncropped photos.

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Trip to Japan Day 10 – Tokyo, Nakano Broadway, Mugiwara Store, Pokemon Centre, J-World

It was back to Tokyo today. Finally goodbye to those “sauna” hotel rooms in Nagoya! However, check-in time wasn’t until 3pm so we decided it would be best if we just left our luggage in lockers instead of travelling back and forth just to leave our luggage with the hotel.

There weren’t many days left before we return to the UK so my friend and I were pretty much split up doing our own things and shopping mostly.

I decided to go visit Nakano Broadway myself and yes, another rainy day.

Buildings looked quite run down at Nakano Station

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Trip in Japan Day 8 – Shirakawa Village, Takayama

Well, after a day’s break of wandering around shops, it was back to touring the land of the rising sun.

While I’m a big fan of Japanese games and Anime, I was also interested in Japan’s culture thanks to all the TV programmes I grew up watching such as documentaries and travel programmes so I decided we should go visit a rural village while we were in the country.

On the way to Shirakawa Village

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Doraemon 2010 Movie, Nobita’s Great Ocean Battle of the Mermaids | ドラえもん のび太の人魚大海戦 | 多啦A夢 2010 大雄的人魚大海戰

Celebrating Doraemon’s 30th anniversary this year is another annual feature length animation “Nobita no Ningyo Taikaisen“. Taking a break from the re-makes we see Doraemon, Nobita and friends meeting an underwater race that as usual, starts off another adventure that reminds us to take good care of nature.

The Japanese DVD is out for rent now although I’m not sure when the official release date is. Ending theme song is “Kaeru Basho [Home]” by Thelma Aoyama.

Here’s an updated post with a quick summary of the movie so be warned – Spoilers ahead!

Doramon Movie 2010

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