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Arakawa Under The Bridge, Ichinomiya Family Heirloom Tie Review | 荒川アンダーザブリッジ, 市ノ宮家家宝のネクタイ | 荒川爆笑團, 市之宮家傳之寶領呔

I was bored of all the ties I keep seeing at the local stores so I thought I’d try to find something unique. When I watched Arakawa Under The Bridge I thought to myself, “I want that tie!”

Sure enough, I found the Ichinomiya Family Heirloom Tie by Cospa at the AmiAmi store although it wasn’t back in stock until December.

For 4725 Yen, I was expecting the tie to arrive in a nice box but wasn’t really expecting it to arrive in such a big box!

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