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Makoto Shinkai To Appear at Comic World in Hong Kong | 新海誠は8月27日に香港の「コミックワールド」でご登場予定! | 新海誠8月27日會到香港Comic World”追逐繁星的孩子”的首映

It appears Makoto Shinkai has been busy traveling around the world as his latest movie, “Children Who Chase Voices from Deep Below” is being screened in various countries including Mainland China, Korea and now this month in Hong Kong. Comix Wave is really pushing his works to a wider international scale.

Don’t miss this opportunity if you’re nearby or can afford to travel there on time on August 27th. Check out the official Comic World HK site for more details.

And for the UK fans who missed the chance to meet him when he was in London, you can read a full transcript of the live interview that took place on my fansite.


新海誠8月27日會到香港Comic World首映他最新的作品”追逐繁星的孩子” (日文: 星を追う子ども). 新海誠迷注意!

“才是新海誠最新作品的正式中文名. 詳細請到Comic World的綱站.