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Essential Android Apps

It’s been a while since I upgraded to an Android phone and I thought I’d share some of the apps that I find invaluable.

The downside I find with Android is there are fewer quality apps i.e. well designed user interface, few bugs and fulfils its goal well. And to top it off, they’re usually buried beneath a huge range of rubbish and spam because there is no approval process for developers unlike for Apple’s iOS. That said, I really like all the widgets available for customising the homescreens with and there are some great "Live Wallpapers" on the Market.

Note that these apps were installed on an HTC Desire. As Android phones have various combinations of hardware, they might not work with your phone.


3G Watchdog

A brilliant ad free little app that keeps track of your data usage with a small widget (top-right, in the left screenshot) to show how much of your quota you’ve used up for a set period of time. If you use a lot of ad supported apps or go online a lot then this is very much a must since some mobile service providers charge a premium once you are over quota..

3G Watchdog Widget     3G Watchdog

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