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Public Transport Culture | 公共交通の文化 | 公共交通文化

Ken wrote a short post about the differences of public transport usage between Australia and Japan. I ended up writing a long comment so I thought I would write down my own thoughts and experiences here too ^^;

He mentions no one tends to queue for the bus in Australia whereas in Japan, there are always orderly queues.



Ken寫了一編小文章比較澳洲和日本用公共交通秩序。我在他的網誌寫了很長的按語所以決定也寫到這裏 ^^;


In Scotland here, no one really queues either. There can be lots of buses coming at once so you don’t know where it will stop and maybe that’s why, as Ken says, no one queues. Never really asked people why isn’t there a queue. But interestingly enough, when the bus does arrive, people generally have the manners to let whoever was waiting at the bus stop longest to go on first. Unless there’s kids or other selfish people. The bus driver will let as many people as he can on during rush hours.

It can be pretty funny sometimes when you have more than one person offering to let each other on first… I guess it’s the slower pace of life here where most people aren’t in a rush to get things done ^^;




有時都幾可笑因爲大家會讓來讓去 ^^;

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A Stroll Around The Museum of Transport

Another place I’ve never been in before but the sound of old transport sounded like it would be an interesting place to get used to my DSLR and lens. Entering the Glasgow Museum of Transport, which is about a 5 to 10 minutes walk from Glasgow University, this set up caught my eye.

Makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time, doesn’t it?

Back in time.

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