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The Promise of Suzumiya Haruhi, Some PSP Details Revealed in Newtype

Along with the confirmation of a second season Anime show of Suzumiya Haruhi, the latest August issue of Newtype also reveals details about the upcoming PSP game too.

Named “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yakusoku”, it will be an ADV game as stated before. As you walk around the campus and come across events, you get to play some mini games. Nothing about whether the story will be the same as the show or not but, it will feature full voice acting played by the very same Anime cast.

The “new element” mentioned before will be the “Motion Portrait” system. Apparently character expressions will change in real time which may mean you won’t see the usual slideshow “tachie” portraits that you get in ADVs.

I’m actually wondering if this system is just going to be similar to the way characters are animated in Ace Attorney, switching from one set of animation frames to another or, will it really have smooth transitions between each expression. I guess we’ll see.


A Sincere Smile, Restocks Sold Out within An Hour

According to Akibablog, summer highschool UMD video dating sim “Sugao no Hohoemi” has been continuing to sell out in various Akiba shops due to high demand. Why? Probably due to all the fan service common in illustrated Japanese media.

On the other hand, Secret of Evangelion next to it doesn’t seem to be doing so well.




Phantom Thief Apricot Portable, A Dating Sim for the Girls

As we creep into the early summer season, the dating sims are starting to come out in full force on the portable consoles too. While most of them have been for the male audience, “Kaitou Apricot Portable” is one for the girls.

In this PS2 port you play as Anzu Mochidzuki, a girl who has a family playing the role of a phantom thief through generations. With her 17th birthday nearing, it’s her turn to be the phantom thief but she has to take a test first. The test is to steal the heart from one of five guys within a month!

As PSP extras there are added bonus scenarios, option to turn voice acting on/off and a few other settings.

Available August 27th.


Secret of Evangelion to get PC Version too with Extras!

Just when I was thinking of ordering the limited edition of the PSP version, I find out there’s going to be a PC version featuring the same extra content but with different bonus gifts. Obviously the event scenes will be at a higher resolution which will be perfect for those still working on more Evangelion wallpapers.

Due for release this week on the same day as the PSP version on June 28th, the PC version will come with a mouse mat and 5 original postcards. Currently the official site doesn’t show you what these items look like, though.


However, those buying the PSP version will have the opportunity to get a free telephone card at selected stores in Japan with original Eva illustrations of course. Telephone cards are actually popular collectables over there but talk about marketing for your shop! Each shop with a different card…

Telephone Cards

Hmmm… Choices, choices. Will probably stick with the PSP version because you don’t have to install.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu the PSP Game Official Site Up Soon

The light novel series that turned into an Anime show and infected the Anime community with its Harehare Yukai dance is finally getting its first official game.

The adventure game (i.e. visual novel), which will be developed by Bandai, is be set for sometime this year and is currently called, “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu” (working name). The company also claims that it will not just be the usual ADV game because it will include “a new system and elements that will be tried out for the very first time in consumer games.”

No real details about what the game will contain yet but more details due in the fan service filled gaming magazines towards the end of this month and next.

Official site is due to open on July 10th.


Dating sim? It probably will be.