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Pentavision Reveals More Details About Their Upcoming “S4 League Portable” PSP Game

Pentavision (famous for PSP rhythm series “DJ Max Portable”) has revealed more details about their “S4 Project” this week on Ruliweb. Both the PSP Portable and online PC version of the third person “shooting sports” game “S4 League” will appear in 2008. Currently the online version is only available to 3000 players for play testing.

Screen 1

In Ruliweb’s interview with Producer Shin Bong Gun, they have expressed that the high quality LCD screen on the PSP console will be very appropriate for their visuals and they’re creating the portable version of the game to thank those who supported their DJ Max Portable games.

Screen 2

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FFVII: Crisis Core 10th Anniversary Limited Edition PSP Package, The Celebrations Continue

Here’s some great news for hardcore Final Fantasy VII fans and collectors alike. Due September 13th, 77,777 limited edition packages of Crisis Core will be available for purchase.

The 25,890 Yen (US$214) package will contain a silver version of the new PSP Slim featuring Crisis Core motifs with differently coloured buttons, the game itself with a limited edition cover and also a cool looking Buster Sword mobile phone strap.

Now let the rush for pre-orders on Play-Asia begin. I know there’s a lot of people checking the site to get their order in already just like the time when DJ Max Portable 2 announced their Orpheus LEs.

If you plan on importing one, let me remind you that you will probably be subject to customs. In UK’s case, that means 17.5% VAT and the courier service’s handling charge. UPS is not cheap with their handling fees so be warned! They made me pay £20 for Castlevania 20th Anniversary package from the US!


Simple 2500 Series Portable Vol 11. Puzzle Quest Warriors of Agaria

Infinite Interactives’s Puzzle Quest was apparently a surprise hit for portables and now with the Wii and PC versions announced, the Japanese are going to get their localised version of the game via the Simple 2500 PSP series as, “Vol. 11 – Agaria no Senshi”. Now, I wonder if they’ll fix that bug about your party members not being able to use skills…

I have yet to play the game but it seems all the puzzle fans enjoy it very much. Maybe it’ll prove popular in Japan to with its Anime presentation.

The Japanese will be able to get their hands on this game on August 27th.


Castlevania X: Chronicles, The 1993 Platformer Gets a Power Up!

Subtitled “Chi no Rinne” and released back on the PC Engine system back in 1993, the very same Castlevania game is being remade for the PSP with extras.

The story is set in 1792 where a prophecy tells of Count Dracula’s resurrection that occurs once every 100 years. Resurrected, the vampire destroys towns with his great powers in the blink of an eye. Now the strongest Vampire Hunter Richter Belmont must go out and slay the menace with his legendary whip. However a number of girls, including Richter’s own lover Annette, have already fallen into the hands of Dracula. Will he be able to save them and accomplish his goal?

By fulfilling certain conditions in the game, players will be able to unlock the original 1993 PC Engine version of the game as well as the PSX game, “Symphony of the Night”.

Due Autumn 2007.


New Slim PSP-2000 Headed to Stores Worldwide in September

Exhibited at E3 2007, the new PSP will be 30% lighter and 19% thinner. In other words, it’s been reduced from 280g to 189g and the thickness from 23mm to 18.6mm.

New features include a new video out port allowing anything being displayed on the PSP to be outputted onto a TV. Cables will be sold separately and the choices will be an AV�?S-Video, D-Terminal AV, or Component AV cable.

A new caching system will supposedly help improve UMD loading times but, I think games will have to be written to load ahead first if this is going to work. Apart from this new memory system, there are apparently no other hardware changes.

Last but not least, you can now officially charge your PSP via a USB port.

3 colours will be available being Piano Black (PSP-2000 PB), Ceramic White (PSP-2000 CW), and “Ice Silver (PSP-2000 IS)”.

DJ Max Portable on the big screen would be so much fun although I’m not so sure about the output quality! Besides that and a lighter PSP, not very impressive for changes.