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Rune Factory 2, Your Goal is to Build a School?

With the town of Alvarna overlooking a beautiful sea, our main character plans to help build a new school there while going around tending his farm and producing Rune Crystals.

Famitsu also reminds us there are of course, the familiar Harvest Moon elements where you get to interact with a whole wealth of characters and dungeon exploration introduced in the last title.

Official site has now been updated with info about the game system and monster information. Release date TBA.

Don’t forget the US version of the prequel comes out next month, September 14th.


Adult DS Mysteries: The Idzumi Case Files, Another Mobile Phone Game Goes Console Portable

The popular detective mystery game that has totalled over 1,000,000 downloads is coming to the DS as “Otona no DS Mystery Idzumi Jiken Files” featuring the original three scenarios and three new extra DS ones too.

Following the story with Idzumi, you must solve the various puzzles that pop up as well as going around gathering information like other adventure games. Puzzles include drawing out the route a criminal may take and other mini games.

Due sometime this Autumn.


Archaic Sealed Heat, A New Kind of SRPG and the First 2GBit DS Game

ASH will be the first 2Gbit (256MB) game made for the DS and will be an SRPG produced by Blue Dragon, Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. With the game named after the main character from a PC game during Sakaguchi’s early days, the story starts of with 17 year old Aisha going through a ceremony to become the next queen of Milinia. However midway, the Flaming Serpent appears in the skies and burns everything down. Everything is left in ashes before Aisha. Why was the Flaming Serpent doing this? Why are these people being revived as Ash Warriors?

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Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Same Story and Voice Commanding Geass Action

The game is composed of 3 parts. An adventure part where you speak to characters to obtain information (expect scenes from the show), exploring a map and taking control of a Knightmare.

Story will be the same and you will be able to use the Geass by speaking into the DS. There are various commands that Lelouch can give out and one of them is “Jiketsu shiro! (Kill yourself!)” You’ll need to plan out what commands to give out to the enemy. Your team members can also be moved via simple voice commands such as “Kita da! (Go north!)”. Sometimes they will not obey your mysterious voice and you’ll have to make them collect some items. You basically have to guide your characters to the end goal.

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English Proficiency Standard Level 2 Version, Time to Aim Higher!

Now that Gakken’s Level 3 and 4 versions of “Eikenoh” has been out for a few months, it’s time to aim for the higher level test with “Eikenoh: Jun 2-Kyuu Hen”!

Featuring the same Eiken question format as the last title, this version will also cover the interviews candidates must undertake in the tests too complete with voice recordings and animations about what you should be doing. As part of the simulation, you can use your voice to answer in English too.

Due August 30th.