Case of Shinra, Reunion of the Turks Thoughts

Some thoughts about what I’ve translated so far of Case of Shinra. Spoilers ahead.

Considering how much FFVII literature I’ve translated, I’m starting to think maybe I should also go ahead and translate Makoto Shinkai’s 5cm novel as well instead of just having summaries for it but… We’ll see.

Case of Shinra, p217

Anyway, thought we were going to get to read more about Cloud and the others when Tifa and Yuffie appeared in the story!

Rude and Reno still remain the comic relief – Kicking down the toilet and not gagging people because they didn’t have spare socks, lol.

Ouch, Tseng… I would have given him a jab with the elbow when he was in the bar with Elena. Then again, he only cares for Aerith and they were working. Wonder if she tries to confess again later? ^^;

But what a change of mood afterwards… Geostigma for the first time – again, Resident Evil style.

Damn, they should really animate all the stories with the full Advent Children treatment instead of using 2D. There’s some great scenes in here! Dare I say it… More interesting than the movie?

9 thoughts on “Case of Shinra, Reunion of the Turks Thoughts

  1. Nagashiwa

    very interesting book and thanks for translate the most parts of the book!!!

    mhm I think I will make a print able version just for me on english to read it everywere :3 just easy at school <3

    just kick-ass story

  2. Xcomp Post author

    I was thinking about creating a print friendly version but… Then I remembered those PDFs of my translations floating around on the internet already. Maybe I’ll do it after I complete this last story but no promises ^^;

  3. Nagashiwa

    ah well PDF versions are never that great as a print-able version.

    I think I will do it.. just as a DTP training.

  4. licorice allsorts

    I’ve read all the OTWTAS novels, and Shinra is by far the best. Yes, more interesting than the movie. There also seems to be much more in the way of descriptive passages and evocation of atmosphere than in, say, Case of Yuffie. Thanks so much for this – I could never have read it without you.


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