Persona 4, The Life of a High School Student

Not too much in this week’s Famitsu coverage of Persona 4 but, no big surprise really considering the game is out next week. The first page reminds players what the game’s about, the death of classmates and bizarre murders. It also talks about the fusion of Personas which is pretty much standard issue.

The reminders continue, listing the characters that have been featured so far, talking about how battles will be supported status reports from Rise or Kuma and how players can either leave the characters to their AI like in P3 or give them commands directly.

Now the interesting part comes next; the high school life sim part which I think was what made P3 unique and partly gave it the attention it received from non-MegaTen fans. The joys of school life, eh?

  • You can go buy books which affects your character stats (Now what can this do?)
  • Enjoy the company of Nanako who treats the MC like her brother.
  • Go fishing.

There’s also the mention of how Social Links can either stay as friendships or become lovers. If the player does become the lover of another character, one wrong move can end up making the Social Link go bad although I guess this doesn’t apply to the fox or P3 characters we get to re-visit.

Finally, players may also head to the boarding house where the characters seem to be taking part in some sort of roleplay… There even looks like there’s a pairing party at school where the male and female characters get together to know each other more.

Oh, and there’s a reminder of the Persona Music Live concert.

11 thoughts on “Persona 4, The Life of a High School Student

  1. Mirei

    I kinda feel bad for Kanji since this leaves us speculating even more about his sexual orientation…

  2. Ee

    Does the friendships or lovers thing apply to only female Social Links, or all of the Social Links (excluding the ones that aren’t human or a hell of a lot older than you…I, er, hope)? Or does it not say anything about that?

    And I really like Kanji and his Marilyn Monroe getup. XD

  3. meganeshounen

    Math/Science / Major Subject Book = Academics
    Bodybuilding Manual / Horror Story Pocketbook / Manly Book = Courage
    “101 Ways to Impress A Lady”-type Book = Charisma?

    Heh, maybe Shujinkou can equip a certain book and he’d gain more Characteristic stat bonuses than he would normally get during events that raise them. 😀

    And of course, no RPG is ever complete without fishing minigames… But I wonder what kind of use will it be for?

  4. Ee

    Oh, and I know you’re in the UK, but the NA release for Persona 4 has just been announced for 9 December, 2008. Just thought I’d let you know (and I hope I’m not being too repetitive!)

  5. Xcomp Post author

    LOL, now there’s a scary thought! A Tsundere Kanji…

    Yes… Maybe he just likes cross dressing ^^;

    It doesn’t say but I really presume females around the same age only just like P3.

    And great news indeed about the US release.


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