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Missing E-mails

Just a temp post. Could anyone who e-mailed me within the past 9 hours (yeah, it's work time over here!) re-send their e-mails to me please? Sorry but, my anti-virus was acting up while it scanned the last small batch of e-mails and seemed to have corrupted a number of them. Now I can't get the e-mails off the server again since it thinks I've already received them.

I think one of the e-mails was from someone who had a name beginning with "D" and was asking me about Japanese. There were a few others asking about Professor Layton but, there wasn't that many I missed. Around 20 or so.

So, if you e-mailed me in the past 9 hours and I haven't replied yet. Please re-send your e-mails ^^;

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