FFVII: Crisis Core 10th Anniversary Limited Edition PSP Package, The Celebrations Continue

Here’s some great news for hardcore Final Fantasy VII fans and collectors alike. Due September 13th, 77,777 limited edition packages of Crisis Core will be available for purchase.

The 25,890 Yen (US$214) package will contain a silver version of the new PSP Slim featuring Crisis Core motifs with differently coloured buttons, the game itself with a limited edition cover and also a cool looking Buster Sword mobile phone strap.

Now let the rush for pre-orders on Play-Asia begin. I know there’s a lot of people checking the site to get their order in already just like the time when DJ Max Portable 2 announced their Orpheus LEs.

If you plan on importing one, let me remind you that you will probably be subject to customs. In UK’s case, that means 17.5% VAT and the courier service’s handling charge. UPS is not cheap with their handling fees so be warned! They made me pay £20 for Castlevania 20th Anniversary package from the US!


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