Castlevania X: Chronicles, The 1993 Platformer Gets a Power Up!

Subtitled “Chi no Rinne” and released back on the PC Engine system back in 1993, the very same Castlevania game is being remade for the PSP with extras.

The story is set in 1792 where a prophecy tells of Count Dracula’s resurrection that occurs once every 100 years. Resurrected, the vampire destroys towns with his great powers in the blink of an eye. Now the strongest Vampire Hunter Richter Belmont must go out and slay the menace with his legendary whip. However a number of girls, including Richter’s own lover Annette, have already fallen into the hands of Dracula. Will he be able to save them and accomplish his goal?

By fulfilling certain conditions in the game, players will be able to unlock the original 1993 PC Engine version of the game as well as the PSX game, “Symphony of the Night”.

Due Autumn 2007.


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