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Monkey Magic: Gold and Silver Horn’s Conspiracy, The Journey to the West Platformer

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Monkey Magic: Gold and Silver Horn’s Conspiracy, The Journey to the West Platformer

The story takes place after our heroes Goku, Hakkai and Gojou have defeated the evil Demonic Ox King. Now the King's friends from all over the world have gathered together to take revenge, kidnapping their master Sanzo and then building 8 Demonic Ox Arenas using their powers to challenge the heroes. Now they must fight their way through these arenas before they can rescue their master but little did they know about the two masterminds who was behind the whole plot...

Monkey Magic

Obviously the story this platformer "Saiyuuki: Ginkaku Kinkaku no Inbou" deviates from the original famous Asian one! In this game, you'll be able to switch between the three different heroes who are the almighty Goku, the cautious Hakkai and the agile Gojou to make your way through levels. As you defeat enemies, they'll drop "Fighting Spirit Orbs" that help fill up a gauge to unleash special moves.

In between each stage you'll be able to visit Rinrin's Shop and Roushi's House. At the shop, you can purchase items using the jewels you collect while at Roushi's place, you can get hints about beating the game as well as play through special trials to earn new moves.

Wireless link support will allow players to compete in collecting jewels.

Look out for Monkey Magic on July 12th.


OK... Now it's got that "Monkey Magic" song by Orange Range playing in my head.

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