Tales of the Tempest Guide Started

Well, just started working on the scripted guide for the new “Tales of…” DS title which means I probably won’t be posting on my blog for a while… So far, the game environments look better than FFIII IMO but on the other hand, it’s lacking a bit of character expressions to drive the story along.

The last “Tales of…” game I played was only ToP (Tales of Phantasia) and, the battles seem just a little slower paced due to the delay in swinging weapons and jumping between rows. I also heard the game was really short but, I guess we’ll see 😛


Version 0.10
October 2006


1.0 Introduction
2.0 History
3.0 Characters
4.0 Menus
5.0 Camping and Cooking
6.0 Items & Status Effects
7.0 Walkthrough
8.0 Credits & Contact Info.

1.0, Introduction

The Land of Areulla.

Long ago, a race known as the Lycanth controlled Areulla, people that could change themselves into beasts. The Lycanths possessed a highly advanced culture and through it, they created a society of order. With their great physical strength and minds, they managed to accomplish a unique revolution. No one could imagine how they managed to create such a delicate society or how much they excelled in life and their technology due to their ferocious outside appearance. But one day, some of them made use of a technology that they had sealed and many Lycanths were killed in a massacre.

The killing was not intentional but this gave the country an opportunity to be split into two and a war known as the “Weremen Battle” began. Right after the battle, the number of Lycanths had diminished and those few that still had control of the continent decided to join the humans. Although Areulla was in a state of disorder with the Lycanth on the brink of extinction, humans managed to establish order and regains control of the country.

Humans soon began to take action to eradicate the Lycanth, claiming they will be the race that destroys the world. It is said that they feared the power the Lycanth possessed when they changed into beasts, even though their appearance looks no different from a normal human. Under imperial orders, the Church accuses the Lycanth of heresy and hunted them while the knights prepared themselves in the case of any uprising. The eradication programme known as the “Lycanth Hunt” meant that whoever reported information about any Lycanth they saw, they would be rewarded.

Village of Fern

One day, one wounded knight reached a village. Little did our young Caius know that he was going to be dragged into the beginning of a new age of chaos in Areulla…


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14 thoughts on “Tales of the Tempest Guide Started

  1. MasterMiyamoto

    You are just godlike XD How do you get your games this fast? And how do you manage to finish the game and write a walkthrough simultaneously while finishing the game in one week? XD

    Well, thanks for the guide, I’ll be definitely using it like the other ones.

  2. xcomp

    The menu translation’s already there so… What is it you want added? I probably won’t have time to add to it since there’s more games coming out soon that I have to work on D:

  3. SpawnII

    Hi there!

    I used to check your guide on gamebrink to play the game along, but it´s been offline for quite a while now. Is there a chance to get it again? I´d love to finish this game.

  4. Xcomp Post author

    Yes, the webmaster has pretty much given up on that site I think… I’ll try sending the guide to the email you’ve given me here.

  5. madz

    Hi, I tried to find Tales of Tempest guide and I found your website beside the one from gamefaqs. I also can’t find the guide on Gamebrink. Would you mind sending me the guide too? Thanks.

  6. Xcomp Post author

    That’s it sent. Maybe I should set up all the guides for games that haven’t been translated into English yet again ^^;

  7. lasombra49

    Hello!!! Loving your guides!!! Is there any chance that you could send me your tales of tempest guide ive been looking everywhere for it and could not find anything!!!!! Thanks in advance 🙂

  8. TheKokiri

    This is truly outstanding work.
    Your translation of the original Japanese is amazing, subtle and well-written, yet you manage to retain all (or most) of the original meaning and connotations.
    My Japanese would be just about good enough to get me through the game, but this really helps in ensuring I understand every bit of the plot, which is awesome!
    Thank you so much!

  9. cotton3434

    For some reason your reuploaded link doesn’t work either… Can you send it to me? Thanks in advance.

    I’m learning Japanese at the moment, but it’s a pretty slow process, it seems… Hiragana and katakana aren’t that bad, but kanji’s a bit scary to say the least.


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