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Dragon Quest Monster Joker: National Tournament

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Dragon Quest Monster Joker: National Tournament

Known as the "Jokers' GP" (Grand Prix?), Japanese players will be able to register the monsters they raise to take part in a huge national tournament via Wi-Fi. More details about the tournament will be released on the official Square-Enix site soon.

Dragon Quest: Monster Jokers will be released sometime this year, an RPG were you will be nurturing monsters. This will be the forth title in the Dragon Quest Monster series since the Gameboy Advance game, Caravan Heart that was released in March 2003.

Not much details have been released yet but, players will be able fight random encounters on the map as well as approach actual monsters that you can see. The player will be able to have 3 monsters fighting at anytime during battles, commanding them to use special moves and spells.

Source: Famitsu
Game Site: Dragon Quest Monster - Joker

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