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Digimon Story Guide Update, v1.00

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Digimon Story Guide Update, v1.00

Walkthrough complete!

It was a fun game with a unique experience system because you couldn't level all the way up like most RPGs. There were many conditions to fulfill before you could level to a certain point. Managing the Digimon Farm was interesting too as you try to select the right goods to train your Digimon. Instead of having a static list of goods in the shop, the list of goods actually changes each day giving it that much bit more of variety. You'll find yourself checking the Farm Shop every in-game day.

The "dungeons" on the other hand, were really small so not much exploration but, that's not necessarily a bad thing if this game was aimed at someone new to RPGs. Since this game was completely written in Kana, I'd say it was designed with that purpose as well as aim at the younger audience. Digimon Story also has plenty of replayability as you experiment with the evolution routes each Digimon can take. Great for Digimon fans!

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