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Code Geass R2 Meets Fantasy Golf Pangya

Looks like Pangya players can now dress up their characters to look like they’re from Code Geass R2! I know it’s fun but kind of silly too because it uses the game character animations. Kallen just doesn’t look right using Arin’s little prance and poses.

So I wonder what the remaining three sets are? Suzaku x Euphy… Wait. Euphy’s not in R2. Who else can they pair up?

Pangya Portable with Boxart and New Trailers

Ruliweb has posted some new trailers and demo gameplay videos of Ntreeve’s upcoming Pangya Portable.

Plenty of familiar courses, characters and customisable items for dressing powering them up. Doesn’t look much different from what I’ve played in the Wii version although I could be wrong since my Korean isn’t good enough to read what the trailers say…

The illustration of Cecilia looks so masculine in these clips.

Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable

There’s Pangya Golf for the PC, Nintendo Wii and now it’s coming to the PSP too. Ruliweb has posted a high-res trailer up for download on their site for “Fantasy Golf Pangya Portable” which is due sometime this year in Korea. The 15 second trailer features the opening and a little listen of the theme song. You can also visit Ntreeve’s site for the more PSP friendly MP4 video.

Plenty of familiar characters such as Kooh and Arin but no actual gameplay footage yet. It looks like the game will be using cell shading.

I enjoyed playing the first Wii game but, hopefully they don’t make the AI almost impossible for the later levels in this version.

Pangya Golf with Style, Fantasy Courses Hours of Fun

There’s still around two months until anything else good gets released for the Wii and having finished Super Mario Galaxy, I decided to find another game to play.

Pangya started off as a free and downloadable online Korean PC game from Ntreeve Soft but later, Tecmo decided to take the game and reproduce it adding in their own animations and storyline to create a single player experience on the Wii. I haven’t played the online game but I can say “Pangya Golf with Style” is certainly fun.

Pangya Swing Golf Wii Package

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