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Case of Nanaki Translation Completed, Thoughts

You can now read my translation of Case of Nanaki up on my other website FFVII Novels. Before anyone criticises my translations, I’d just like to point out that I’m simply sticking to as close to the original text as possible.

Despite it’s been almost 4 years since Kazushige Nojima wrote the last two stories of On the Way to a Smile, his writing style continues to be simplistic reading very much like a script than a novel. In my opinion, I think he uses too many short sentences and doesn’t spend much time building up the scenes. He jumps between the character’s thoughts and narration text too often and too suddenly. You can see the difference just by taking a look at the two excerpt translations I done from his stories and the Beast Player Erin novel.

In other words, if you really want his stories to read like a novel, you will have to spend quite some time re-wording.

Still, for an FFVII fan it’s great reading these stories with the familiar characters back again, re-visiting those locations from the game.

If you would like to point out mistakes or points requiring clarification, please drop me an email with the following:

  • A reference to the page number from the book.
  • Be constructive and explain why something is wrong.
  • Your name should I decide to make the correction and give you credits.

Case of Nanaki

With that aside… The fourth story tells of how Nanaki faces a new foe named, “Gilligan” after separating with the other members of the party and travels to witness life around the world after the events of the original FFVII. Along the way he tries to discern his feelings as a human or a beast.

Some thoughts (i.e. massive spoilers) ahead.

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A Peek Inside the FFVII On the Way to a Smile and Beast Player Erin Novels

Looks like I didn’t have to wait long for my novels after all… Look what the postman dropped off this morning. EMS is expensive but you have to admit it really is quick – Quicker than air mail. Dispatched from HMV Japan and arrives in the UK the next day.

I knew FFVII On the Way to a Smile is in hardback but, I didn’t know the Beast Player Erin novels were too! They’re nicely shrink wrapped complete with the publisher’s paper tabs inside them.

1.5kg of Japanese novels arrive by EMS.

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FFVII On the Way to a Smile Novel Out of Stock

Decided to put in an order for the Beast Player Erin and FFVII On the Way to a Smile novels since I couldn’t get them while I was in HK but, it looks like I’m going to have to wait a while because Square-Enix is currently out of print so I will probably get a second batch copy like I did with Makoto Shinkai’s 5cm novel.

Oh well, at least HMV Japan notified me and asked what I wanted to do instead of making me wait for a month (with no options) then telling me the goods are sold out like YesAsia.

As for a translation of the new short stories, I may very well do them depending on how much time I have when I get my hands on the novel.

Out of stock for now.

FFVII On the Way to a Smile, Now in Hardback with New Stories

Never knew they released this on the same day as the Blu-ray release of FFVII Advent Children Complete until Amazon JP’s automated service recommended it to me today… They just had to do it after I bought all the other books that contained the stories separately. They really know how to squeeze money out of their fans.

Anyway, this 263 page black hardback copy of the On the Way to a Smile short stories collection costs 1470 Yen (US$15) and contains all stories released so far…

  • Case of Denzel, Case of Tifa which were released in Japan only.
  • Case of Barret which was released with the limited edition of the DVD in America.
  • Also four new stories Case of Nanaki, Case of Yuffie, Case of Shinra and Case of Lifestream!

Note that the first three stories have been revised with no significant new scenes however according to those who have already bought it.

FFVII On the Way to a Smile Hardback Edition

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FFVII On The Way to A Smile Denzel Animated

Some excellent news for Final Fantasy VII fans as according to Famitsu, the very first official short story from On The Way to a Smile, “Case of Denzel” will be available in animated form in the upcoming Blu-ray releases of Advent Children Complete! It will be animated by A-1 Pictures who produced shows such as Persona Trinity Soul.

It is also revealed the Japanese release will contain an English track so importers who wish to get their hands on the goods early should be pleased. However, it doesn’t seem to mention if it’s just the main movie that will have this.

Case of Denzel

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