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Last Day in Japan, Day 12 Time to Fly Back to UK

Kamata Station

So today was the day we fly back to UK but, we still had a morning free before heading off to the airport – well, whole afternoon really but didn’t want to join the rush hour trains carrying luggage…

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Off to Japan

I grew up with a lot of things from Japan even though I was born in the UK because my relatives would always send VHS tapes full of dubbed Japanese TV programmes and other goodies. For that reason I’ve always had this amazing image of Japan – a beautiful country where the old and new live in harmony, technology and lots of weird and wonderful things.

So, by the time in high school I started to learn the language because there was a lot of free time for final year students. Now that I’ve been working full time for some time, I finally decided to make the trip to see Japan for myself.

I spent months researching the places I would go to, what to watch out for and how to get to them. Was excited and a little nervous at the same time because even though I was fairly literate I wasn’t too confident with the talking skills.

So, over the course of this month you’ll be seeing a lot of posts about my first trip to Japan ^^

Nippon he Youkoso!

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