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Devil Survivor Site Open with Trailer

Atlus’ Devil Survivor site is now officially open with a wallpaper and a video to watch. Unfortunately, it’s nothing exciting because there’s no gameplay footage, just a lot of narration. The music doesn’t sound too good either although it may grow on me once I get to play the game.

Game’s been given a B by CERO for player 12 years or older. Also came across two more bits of info about the staff…

Character Design
Suzuhito Yasuda (Yozakura Quartet Manga and Kamisama Kazoku Illustrations)

Sound Composer
Takami Asano (Godiego)

Maybe that explains why I don’t like the video’s music… Then again, I listened to Meguro’s Kuzunoha Raidou compositions and they remind me so much of P4’s music. I think he might need to work on varying his music a little more again.

Atlus’ New MegaTen DS – Devil Survivor

Atlus has finally revealed the game they setup a teaser site for and it’s the “New MegaTen” game they had announced at the same time as the Nintendo DS four years ago. It’s not just a port either!

Note the title is “女神異聞録 Devil Survivor”, Megami Ibunroku to show that it’s a spin-off from the original MegaTen series which means, it uses a lighter set of impression making character but, the story remains dark – Just like the Persona series such as P3, P4 and PTS.

The story begins when three high school friends gather together at Shibuya 901 when they felt something was wrong. Suddenly Devils appear to attack them and they find the city has been quarantined. All forms of communications with the outside world have been cut off as the situation worsens and people are killed by the increasing number of Devils. There is only 7 days before Tokyo is destroyed and it’s up to you to survive and make the right decisions.

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