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Monster Hunter Fortune Telling 2010 Edition | モンスターハンター モンスター占い | 魔物獵人幫您占卦

Want to mix in a little of the fun from games into your horoscopes instead of looking at the same old illustrations all the time?

Monster Hunter Fortune Telling 2010 Edition is written by fortune teller Getters Iida in collaboration with Capcom and aims to foretell your fortune between April 2010 and March 2011. Apparently by deciding which of the 48 monsters you are by looking at your starsign, blood type it can tell your personality, the way you play Monster Hunter and your fortune in areas such as love, career and compatibility with others.

This year’s issue also lets you find out which monster your hunter friend could be too.

Wonder which monster I am? I know! I’ll be the slimy, electrifying and blood sucking Giginebula from MH3!


用你的血型和星座可知道你在魔物獵人占卦(Monster Hunter)的48種魔物之中是哪一雙魔物座而後占你今年的運情。


The Nintendo Wii Gets A Free Fortune Telling Channel

The latest free Wii Channel available for download in Japan starting today is “The Foretelling Today and Tomorrow, Lucky Channel“! Not quite as long as Brain Age’s title but, still pretty long.

As the name suggests, this is basically a fortune telling software. Allowing you to register up to a maximum of six Miis, you enter a birthday and then you will be able to learn about your fortune in love, career, studies, social life and wealth. Even your lucky colour for today or tomorrow.

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