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DJMP Clazziquai More Gameplay and MV Footage

Ruliweb has set up one new trailer and eight new gameplay videos featuring the music you can expect in DJMP Clazziquai that’s due out next Friday together with the First Press Edition.

A note says the server has a limit of 200 connections so due to the high demand, you may have problems downloading the videos but, I haven’t had any problems with the trailer.

Not going to watch the others. Just going to wait for the game next week. They continue to tease about the “Black Square” edition for the DJMP veterans… Wonder when we can get our hands on that?

DJMP Clazziquai First Press Edition Revealed and Gameplay Footage

As promised last week, Ruliweb today reveals what the First Press Edition of DJ Max Portable Clazziquai will come with… A one metre long wallscroll featuring one of the girls from “First Kiss”, the opening song to the game.

The package will cost 48,000 Wons (US$40) which will contain:

  • DJ Max Portable Clazziquai with First Press Edition cover.
  • One randomly selected original illustrated wallscroll from the four below.
  • A 5000 Wons voucher for the Bugs music store.

Be sure to head on over to download some new gameplay footage!

DJ Max Portable Clazziquai First Press Edition Coming Soon

Ruliweb has a release date for DJ Max Portable Clazziquai and it’s October 24th, just over two weeks away. And the collectors amongst you will probably be glad to hear that a first press edition will also be revealed soon, most likely next Tuesday when pre-orders become open in Korea for it.

Don’t think I’ll be ordering the limited edition this time round…

DJ Max Portable Clazziquai Edition This October with Multi-Language

Ruliweb reveals that “DJ Max Portable Calzziquai”, part of the DJMP Metro Project, will be coming out this month in October and the good news is, it will once again be released with the option to select English, Korean or Japanese.

There will be a bunch of changes and new modes too. First up, missions are back with the new “Club Tour” mode where, as the name suggests, players will be able to travel between clubs of their choice to try and accomplish missions. There will be three different types of clubs namely Music Clubs, Repository Clubs and Mission Clubs. Different areas feature different genres of music.

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