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Evangelion You Can (Not) Advance Complete Records Collection Book

Gainax is due to release two A4 sized books containing a total of 650 pages this summer entitled, “Evangelion You Can (Not) Advance Complete Records Collection” which will feature the following…

  • Full “film story” script and scenes to the third movie “Evangelion: Q” trailer.
  • Music cue sheets.
  • Narration scripts.
  • Design works from the production studio.
  • Artworks board.
  • Interviews with 14 of the production staff including Anno Hideaki.
  • Posters, leaflets and all other materials used for marketing during its screening.
  • A commented, outlined edited version of the movie’s script.

There will be a case for the two books. First press copies will get two additional art board booklets, a film strip and early pre-orders will also get a bonus Tote bag. All for 12,600 Yen (US$138) and pre-orders are available on HMV Japan.

This must be the “cheapest” collection of movie guide books ever. So they haven’t cut up the entire movie reel for their DVD/Blu-ray releases yet then. Maybe worth it if you’re a hardcore Eva fan or try your luck at getting a film strip worth close to US$1000?

Monster Hunter 5th Anniversary CG Artworks Book

Now this is the format Makoto Shinkai’s “Sora no Kioku” artbook should be in but I guess he had no say in its layout.

In commemoration of Capcom’s Monster Hunter series’ 5th anniversary, a 310 page “Monster Hunter CG Artworks” book containing over 1700 pieces of CG from every title in the series so far, went on sale yesterday. This includes staff interviews, box arts and the adverts that’s been used in magazines so far with each piece of CG work having its own A4 sized page. A small preview is available at Akiba Blog (NSFW).

I’m sure some of the trading card art will be in it.

Monster Hunter CG Artworks

Early Persona 4 Designs

Don’t really link to places for downloading scans or rips but, must thank Dokuganryu for updating his site with the official Persona 4 Design Works artbook. Here’s a select few pages that caught my interest – a quick translation of Soejima’s commentary followed by my own thoughts.

Don’t read on if you don’t like spoilers!

Soejima wasn’t allowed to design the MC so that his character is likeable by all. To give him that self-centred impression, he had to be given some odd characteristic. If you look in the book, you’ll find a rough child-faced sketch of the MC without it, something he wanted to try out and showed the staff.

Well, I’ll just say it again… The MC definitely has that cocky personality about him.

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A Look Inside Makoto Shinkai’s First Artbook

This art book is now officially available in English as “Sky Longing for Memories” so there might not be a need to import any more!

Finally got a hold of Makoto Shinkai’s first artbook, “Sora no Kioku” and it wasn’t easy considering how well the first batch has been selling. Don’t get this confused with the “Complete Book” that was released for “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” because that was more of a fanbook that contained everything related to that movie only, not just artwork.

Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the second print is ready if you would like to get your hands on this book yourselves because it appears to be sold out right now. I suggest keeping an eye on HMV JP and Hobby Link Japan for now.

With that said, lets open and have a look inside the book itself in the meantime. Feel free to click on the photos for a closer look.

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Makoto Shinkai’s First Artbook Coming Soon This April

I’m sure anyone who has watched Makoto Shinkai’s works such as his recent “5 Centimetres per Second” will agree the backgrounds he manages to create are stunningly beautiful. Well, the good news is if you want to own a hard copy of all those backgrounds, you’ll soon be able to.

According to this advert that Daike-san spotted, Kodansha will be publishing Makoto Shinkai’s first official artbook “Makoto Shinkai Bijutsu Gashuu: Sora no Kioku” which is also given the English name of “The Sky for the Longing of Memorys”. Yes, I know… “Longing for the Memories of the Sky” or the direct translation, “Memories of the Sky” is probably what they’re after.

Anyway, the B5 sized book will be selling for 2800 Yen (US$27) on April 25th 2008 and contain 427 backgrounds taken from his movies “Voices of a Distant Star”, “The Place Promised in Our Early Days”, “5 Centimetres per Second” and even the ones used for the Shinano Daily Newspaper commercial “Conveying Those Important Things“. It will also contain information about Shinkai’s working environment and how such pieces of art are born.

Look out for it on the usual import sites such as YesAsia and Play-Asia! I’ll be getting it myself if I can but with Wii Fit and the Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0 LE DVD coming up on the same day, it’s going to tough on the wallet.

An ad for Makoto Shinkai’s Artbook.