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Picking Earphones and Speakers, A Guide to Better Audio

I’ve read, experimented and learned a lot about audio since upgrading my home speaker setup to a surround sound one and switching my pre-packaged earphones to better quality ones. So, I thought I would share the information I’ve gathered so that more people can enjoy their favourite music (and perhaps movies too) at its best.

I’ve tried to keep all the technical details to a minimum as best as I could and highlighted the key details that should help you understand why you might want to invest in some more expensive equipment. Any audio enthusiasts who read this and would like to make some comments, feel free to enlighten me if anything doesn’t read right.

Three things contribute to the sound quality of your music…

  1. The source of the music.
  2. The quality of your listening equipment e.g. earphones, headphones or speakers.
  3. The quality of the output signal from your music player.

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