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Full Metal Alchemist – Prince of Dawn, Wii

Looks like Full Metal Alchemist is getting it’s own adventure game on the Wii sometime this summer according to Game Watch.

FFXIII director Mutomu Toriyama will be responsible for Akatsuki no Ouji’s original story scenarios which, links to volume 16 of the Manga and includes some new original characters too. Being an “adventure” visual novel style game, the player will mainly be speaking with characters dotted around Central City to progress the story but will also be playing a collection of mini games.

Maybe this is the reason for FFXIII’s delays.

Full Metal Alchemist - Akatsuki no Ouji

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The Nintendo Wii Gets A Free Fortune Telling Channel

The latest free Wii Channel available for download in Japan starting today is “The Foretelling Today and Tomorrow, Lucky Channel“! Not quite as long as Brain Age’s title but, still pretty long.

As the name suggests, this is basically a fortune telling software. Allowing you to register up to a maximum of six Miis, you enter a birthday and then you will be able to learn about your fortune in love, career, studies, social life and wealth. Even your lucky colour for today or tomorrow.

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Plenty of Trauma Center New Blood in Stores

It’s release day yet, pretty much none of my favourite online stores have Trauma Centre New Blood in-stock apart from Not even Amazon! I wonder why…

So, I decided to go wandering around the high street stores. Looks like they had plenty in-stock but at varying prices. Game Station had it for £40 while both Game and HMV both have it for £35. I want to order off Gameplay since I’ve been with them for years and I’ve never received any badly scratched or poor condition “new” games from them but again, they don’t have it despite their speedy delivery of Second Opinion.

Guess I’ll just wait for a while and see what happens.

Where is Trauma Centre New Blood…?

Trauma Centre New Blood is due this Friday in Europe yet, none of the shops seem to have it up for pre-order. The demand must really be very low… After playing Under The Knife 2 on the DS, it is starting to feel kind of stale because apart from the “alien disease” operations, you’re mostly repeating the same actions since the first game. Really don’t know what else they can do to the gameplay after UTK2 if they continue the series.

However, besides its gameplay, I like its presentation since Masayuki Doi took over for the cleaner character designs and backgrounds. The music is good and I like the touch of philosophy they put in such as how Derek told a suicidal girl to look herself in the mirror, telling her she should work to make herself happy and to be a better person, not because of other people. It might not make you popular but you’ll like yourself more and think of all the stories you’ll have to tell.

Good to see we’re getting the JP boxart instead of the bland US one.

No More Heroes Desperate Struggle, The Sequel

Yes! A sequel to one of my favourite Wii games, No More Heroes was announced at the Tokyo Game Show dubbed, “No More Heroes Desperate Struggle”!

The subtitle makes it sound like it will be for the DS doesn’t it? Fortunately, the press release says it will be for the Wii and is due in America 2010 January while we Europeans, will be getting it a month later or so.

I wonder where it picks up from though? Had to laugh at the octopus woman in the teaser clip. Rip off from Spiderman’s Doctor Octopus? Hope they don’t try to borrow too many ideas…