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Winter Noon | 冬の昼 | 冬之中午

Was out and about in Glasgow as usual and during noon, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, the town was lit up with a rare warm golden hue as if it was sunset, casting long dramatic shadows of the busy crowd across the grounds.



Naturally, it was another moment I thought that would make an interesting photo. Of course, I done a bit of my own post-processing of the RAW by knocking up the colour temperature, doubling it for a deeper gold colour and increased the black point for darker shadows.



Winter Noon

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After The Rain

It’s been raining heavily with some strong gales blowing for the past week or so. Lots of floods down in England and even a few up here in Scotland.

While out and about I saw some broken umbrellas and thought I could try something with the scene. I used a polariser to filter out the puddle’s reflection towards the left of the photo so that you can see more of the submerged umbrella. Then in the digital dark room, I knocked up the saturation towards the right of the photo to emphasise the sun coming out from behind all the rain clouds.

I think it came out pretty good although one of the umbrellas could have been closer to capture the results of nature’s destructive effects… On an umbrella ^^;

After The Rain...

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M74 Motorway Construction Site

The new M74 highway here has been under construction for some time now and I always pass by the site when going into town. Recently while on the bus I saw all these orange things laid out and immediately thought, “This should make a great photo!” so I ended up grabbing my DSLR and back out to shoot the scene. Not too familiar with the terms used at construction sites but the pillars will obviously be holding the highway up. Pity the fence is in the way!

Anyway, I’m now starting to prefer using Adobe Photoshop CS4 as my digital darkroom now because it can apply and preview changes so much faster than Paint Shop Pro even with high resolution images. Too bad the student version’s still not cheap unlike Microsoft’s Windows 7 Professional and Office 2009 Ultimate.

M74 motorway under construction.

Autumn Stroll 2009

Went out again this year to capture some seasonal autumn themed photos to use for my blog’s banner except this time I was using a DSLR instead of a compact. I went to a number of different places this year and captured many photos but not all of them turned out good of course.

Originally I wanted to capture autumn coloured leaves of different shapes and sizes such as from sycamore and beech trees but when I returned home to have a look at the on-screen results, a bit too much rot was showing through or the colours weren’t gradiented enough to use. So, I decided to set them up in rounded squares instead as side decorations and use the photos that did come out well as the main banner.

The following are some of the photos I took which you’ll find used in the current randomised banners. I go on quite a bit about photography so be warned ^^;

Processed trail photo.

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