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Final Fantasy III Guide

I’m back! Sorry I haven’t been updating the past few days but, I’ve been working on a scripted guide to FFIII which is officially launched today. Those lucky enough to be in HK or Taiwan would have been able to get their hands on the game a couple of days early.

This guide, just like my “Magical Starsign Guide” earlier, is aimed at those who can’t wait until FFIII is released in English. Enjoy!



It has been 16 years since the original FFIII was released on the NES (also known as the

Project Hacker – Kakusei Guide


Withdrawing from the bank account of a newly established IT company without authorization, modifying the Karte data of a major hospital using a computer virus, hacking into an airport control tower’s system to hijack a passenger aircraft… All these acts are IT crimes. You play as the newly employed investigator Satoru Amatsubo to help the international organisation “GIS” to stop such IT crimes.


  • Gather information by speaking with people, searching areas and using the internet then, note down your findings in your memo pad using the stylus.
  • Use your deduction skills to crack passwords, security locks to access those important clues.
  • Play mini games to prevent the hackers from winning.
Developer: RED
Release Date: 13th July 2006
Price: 4800 Yen

I hope those of you who have been using my guide have enjoyed it so far. However, the guide will now be part of Please visit it for all your import news, reviews and guides in future!

Magical Vacation: 5 Hoshi ga Narabu Toki Guide v1.00 Update

Walkthrough complete!

A great game from Brownie Brown, the developers of Secret of Mana and Mother 3 (known as Earthbound outside Japan)! It had a very interesting battle system although it could use a little more spells. Music and graphics were top-notch even though they are only 2D. The backgrounds and sprites all very detailed with fluid animations and rendering.

The story seemed fairly dull at first just like the first game was on the GBA but the variety of the different planets kept my interest. The story did however develop eventually as we learn about the legends behind the planets and the Tarotaro Solar System. A very original, if not kind of wacky idea behind it all. But what would you expect from a company that helped develop Mother 3!

Kind of felt sorry for Chai in the ending, though =(

Hope you enjoyed it, for those who followed my guide!

Don’t forget the English version of this game, “Magical Starsign” will be released in October in the US.

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Magical Vacation: 5 Hoshi ga Narabu Toki Guide


In the solar system of Tarotaro, the 5 stars Planet of Fire, Planet of Wood, Planet of Wind, Planet of Water and Planet of Earth orbit… Each with their distinct environment and civilization.

And there, somewhere in the solar system of Tarotaro was another planet known as Kovamaka.

Kovamaka was known as the planet of magic. Magic was the centre of its civilization and many mages who study at the Magical Academy of Will-o-Wisp later work to support the government and their culture.

One day, some bad news reached the headmaster Gran Dragee of the Magical Academy. One of his graduates Jin Leo was working in another part of space, planning to destroy the solar system of Tarotaro.

Hoping to tend to the situation before it was too late, Gran Dragee decides to send Jin Leo’s former teacher Madeline into space. Soon, it’s been months and the teacher had not yet returned. Madeline’s students become concerned about her and decides to set off into space themselves in search of their dear teacher, not knowing what dangers laid ahead…


  • Easy control via the touchscreen and D-pad.
  • In-game day and night cycle.
  • Orbitting planets and star signs that can change the tide of battles.
  • Solve puzzles using elemental magic.
  • 5 unique worlds to explore.
  • Special items and Tamago characters to obtain via Wi-Fi using the Amigo System.
  • Compete against up to 5 other players in Amigo Dungeons.
Developer: Brownie Brown
Release Date: 22nd June 2006
Price: 4800 Yen

Also known as Magicial Vacation 2, this game was created by the developers Brownie Brown who was also responsible for the popular Secret of Mana. An English version of this game will be released in the US under the name “Magical Starsign” in October 23rd.

This guide is for those who can’t wait for the English version to be released!

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I hope those of you who have been using my guide have enjoyed it so far. However, the guide will now be part of Please visit it for all your import news, reviews and guides in future!

Digimon Story Guide Update, v1.00

Walkthrough complete!

It was a fun game with a unique experience system because you couldn’t level all the way up like most RPGs. There were many conditions to fulfill before you could level to a certain point. Managing the Digimon Farm was interesting too as you try to select the right goods to train your Digimon. Instead of having a static list of goods in the shop, the list of goods actually changes each day giving it that much bit more of variety. You’ll find yourself checking the Farm Shop every in-game day.

The “dungeons” on the other hand, were really small so not much exploration but, that’s not necessarily a bad thing if this game was aimed at someone new to RPGs. Since this game was completely written in Kana, I’d say it was designed with that purpose as well as aim at the younger audience. Digimon Story also has plenty of replayability as you experiment with the evolution routes each Digimon can take. Great for Digimon fans!

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