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FFXII: Revenant Wings & Professor Layton and the Mysterious Town Guides Completed

Yup, that’s both of their main story modes completed now. Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings fully scripted and 120 puzzles translated for the first Professor Layton game.

I may add more content to the guides in the future such as what each of the moves do in FFXII:RW and the weekly Wi-Fi puzzles for Professor Layton but, that’s the two guides done for now.

A scripted guide for “Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass” is now in progress. With the English release date being a good few months away, I thought I would do a guide for it as well. Shouldn’t be long before you see the first part up on Gamebrink!

Professor Layton Guide Revenant Wings Guide

Death Note: Kira Game Guide

Yes, just spent the weekend writing up this guide for the Death Note game that just got released on Thursday. It’s not a bad game but I wouldn’t say it’s great. Good originality from Konami, though.

Enjoy playing as L and Kira!


Version 1.00
February 2007

1.0 Introduction
2.0 History
3.0 Characters
4.0 Menus
5.0 The Kira Game
6.0 Story Mode
7.0 Credits & Contact Info.

1.0, Introduction

Based on the 12 volume hit Manga series

Tales of the Tempest Guide Started

Well, just started working on the scripted guide for the new “Tales of…” DS title which means I probably won’t be posting on my blog for a while… So far, the game environments look better than FFIII IMO but on the other hand, it’s lacking a bit of character expressions to drive the story along.

The last “Tales of…” game I played was only ToP (Tales of Phantasia) and, the battles seem just a little slower paced due to the delay in swinging weapons and jumping between rows. I also heard the game was really short but, I guess we’ll see 😛


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