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White Album 04

Episode 4 Summary
“There are times when it feels like we understand each other beyond our imagination.
But there are many occasions when it’s also the opposite.”

It was just past five in the morning, November 8th Saturday. Touya gets a call from Rina letting him know to come earlier to the station that morning. Yuki couldn’t phone him herself because she was busy recording. Sleepily, Touya acknowledges her saying he’ll try to get to Yunagi Station at ten instead of eleven before slumping back to sleep.

Who could be calling?

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White Album 02

Episode 2 Summary
“Do you believe in encounters that were setup a long time ago?”

Yuki had hung up on Touya with Rina next to her. It was soon time for her to meet the president to discuss some important matters and Yuki’s manager Yayoi was going to take her away but, Rina manages to negotiate with her to give Yuki an extra ten minutes before going.


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