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Rosario + Vampire 02

Episode 2 Summary – The Dream Demon & Vampire

Tsukune gets up in the morning, writing another message that can’t be sent to his family. He was glad he had a dorm room all to himself. After all, he was staying in a school full of Youkais that eat humans like him. Leaving his room, he found many of the students were out of their humans forms. There’s always someone ignoring the rules right? So much for keeping your human disguise and true identity a secret.

A typical morning at Youkai Academy?

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Rosario + Vampire 01

There really hasn’t been any Anime that has made me sit down and watch through the whole thing after I’ve skimmed through the videos besides the 5 Centimeters per Second movie and Code Geass so far. Now a few new series have started for the winter season so once again I decided to download and skim again to see if there was anything interesting. One more show has managed to catch my interest namely the Manga to Anime show, “Rosario + Vampire“.

Episode 1 – A New Life with a Vampire

The story begins with a boy gazing out of the bus at a group of school girls riding by on their bikes. It seems he’s looking forward to his high school life… Or at least he was.

Tsukune off to a new school.

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