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Rosario + Vampire 05

Episode 5 Summary – School Swimsuits & Vampire

The girls cheer as the unstoppable Tsukune dribbles his way towards the goal and scores with his “Driving Shot”. His team mates surround their star player to celebrate before he walks off to where Moka was waiting. Under the brightly lit background near a tree, they hold each other ready for their first kiss.

The unstoppable Tsukune.

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Rosario + Vampire 04

Episode 4 Summary – Farewell & Vampire

It’s been a month since Tsukune arrived at Youkai Gakuen now and he’s lost count of how many e-mail messages he’s written to his family now. He writes about how he was pretty bewildered at how strange the school was but now that he’s made some friends, he enjoys everyday of it. However, while in class he begins to wonder if things are really fine the way they are. He becomes so lost in thought that he doesn’t hear the teacher calling to him to read out some text and ends up embarrassing himself.

Should I leave the school?

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Rosario + Vampire 03

Episode 3 Summary – The Little Witch and Vampire

Life continues for Tsukune at Youkai Academy and they just had a mid-term test. He didn’t do too well coming in a one hundred and twenty-eighth. As Tsukune becomes gloomy over his results, Moka walks in and becomes the centre of attention again from the male Youkais. Not only is she beautiful but she’s very clever too, taking thirteenth place. As Moka invites Tsukune to study together, the pair goes about their little “Love Love” scene as usual, another shadow is looking their way once again.

...Lets study together!

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