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Rideback 03

Episode 3 Summary
Down Comes the Flag

Uchida had joined the Rideback Club and was already excitedly trying out one of the Ridebacks. She falls over which gives Hishida a scare, worried the Rideback “Balon” he had put together overnight was damaged. Rin on the other hand, was a little disappointed she wasn’t going to get to use Fuego for training. Fuego’s components were custom tuned by Kagura and its regulation standard was beyond what was permitted for the race so she will just have to use a different Rideback the Balon instead. Hishida assures her it will be no problem because both machines were of the same machine model.

Uchida messing around as usual.

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Rideback 01

Rideback Episode 1
The Scarlet Bike

Rideback takes place in the year 2025. The daughter of the famed Yuki Ogata, Rin is performing ballet on stage as she narrates how the world was changing with a resistance group known as the GGP taking over and starting a revolution. However, Rin didn’t care and only focuses on her performance on the stage. Her world where she can feel her own existence.

Looks soviet.

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