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A Look at The RideBack Manga Version

As Anime fans may already know, most shows are adapted from Manga and differs quite a bit in terms of story most of the time. Rideback is no different starting off being serialised in the monthly Ikki magazine and is still ongoing now, the standalone volumes at number ten. I came across the Manga by chance and had a look at it so I thought I’d write up a little summary of the differing points in volume one.

The artwork in the Manga looks very much like rough sketches and poorly done I have to say. The proportions look wrong and there’s not much variation in the shadings. Kind of like my first impressions from the first episode.

Rideback Chapter 1

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Rideback, Episode Summaries 10 ~ 12, End Thoughts

Episode 10
Master of the War

Tamayo decides to move with Rin to a safer place that Okagura had prepared for them. However, Rin was planning to give herself in to the police but Tamayo reminds her the GGP aren’t trustworthy. As they move, Rin brightens up when she learns that she will be able to see everyone again just before she leaves. Meanwhile, Hishida and the rest of Rin’s friends were joining in the demonstrations against the GGP near the Peace Memorial Park. They pass by the National Theatre of Japan where Rin performed at and hopes she could dance again one day. Uchida was on Balon to protest about the safety of Ridebacks but gets mistaken as the “Mysterious Rideback Girl” and gains a lot of attention. On the other hand, Okagura successfully finds a way to infiltrate the GGP’s base for Kiefer and learns his true intentions was to get revenge.

Rideback 10

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Rideback, Episode Summaries 06 ~ 09

Episode 6
Lightning Rideback

It’s the sixth summer since the death of Rin’s mother and she goes to pay her respects with her grandmother but Kenji her brother is nowhere to be seen. One evening after going on a walk with the recovering Shouko, Rin comes across her brother together with a bunch of delinquents on Ridebacks, terrorising the town. When the GGP (Global Government Plan) and White Ridebacks are brought in, Rin decides to intervene and help him.

Rideback 06

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Rideback 05

Episode 5 Summary
The Mystery Girl on the Rideback

It had started to rain. Rin and the others had returned to the Rideback Club where Okakura and Kataoka were both waiting. He shouts at them demanding to know what they were doing, grabbing Kawai’s shirt. He tells them to keep a low profile while he moves Fuego somewhere else. Club activities will be suspended for the time being. Rin was sad her Rideback was going to be taken away somewhere.

Okakura angry!

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Rideback 04

Episode 4
A Close Call for Shouko!

It was Sunday and the Rideback Club was on. Rin had left her EW Band on the table in case she forgot about it and takes it away when Shouko brings in some snacks. It seems Rin had forgotten about the big sales today but Shouko didn’t mind. She was glad Rin managed to find something she could follow like a dream again.


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