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Persona Music Live, Velvet Room in Akasaka Blitz

Aniplex is planning a live concert “Persona Music Live” dedicated to the most recent titles in the Persona series on August 22nd at Akasaka Blitz, tickets costing 4500 Yen (US$41) each. The music will cover the upcoming Persona 4, the currently on air Persona Trinity Soul and PS2 RPG Persona 3. The artists who will be singing live on stage will be:

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Persona Trinity Soul 23

Episode 23 Summary, “Embrace the Bond”

Shin and his friends were all lying unconscious on the floor of the Marebito base. Kanaru was the first to wake up. Immediately she went to look for Shin to see if he was all right, the ambience of her true Persona following her lighting the way. She soon finds him down some stairs and as he stirs, she reaches out her hand to hold his but hesitates when she sees the handkerchief wrapped around her hand concealing her secret.

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Flow, Word of the Voice Single

The second op single for the Persona Trinity Soul from Flow is finally out. The way they’ve laid out the lyrics in the booklet is pretty cool. Here are the lyrics and English translations for the three songs on it.

For the first song “Word of the Voice” it sounds like the lyrics is divided into two parts; one who’s having love trouble and then a voice trying to give him guidance. The PV is pretty funny with the band beating up the police and escaping using their rock song. I would have preferred it if they created something that matched the lyrics but, I guess they didn’t do that with their Code Geass song “Colors” either.

“Esca” is quite a tongue twister if you try to sing it.

Word of the Voice

Oh我いずこへ Oh我呼ぶ声

埋め尽くす情報 息苦しいこの状況 自分がいない
この世界の暴走 ただ無責任に逃亡 何処へ行くの?

降り止まぬ雨に ずぶ濡れ 置いてかれた 心が
崩れゆく 直前の声を聞け



仮想世界の創造 切り離された衝動 何処へ逝くの?

確かめて この夜を駆け抜けろ

閉ざした心の隙間 こぼれ落ちそうな悲しみ


言葉よりもずっと先に 声の温もりが伝わっていく
向き合う 僕らのこの距離を大切に思うよ



Oh我いずこへ Oh我呼ぶ声

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