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Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, Episode Summaries 11 ~ 13, End Thoughts

Episode 11
The Gathering of the Shaman

Natsume was out with Touko to help her with the shopping. Feeling that he’s the one that’s always being looked after, he wishes that he could help someone too one day. Just then they notice a wounded Youkai falling from the sky but it was too late by the time they caught up with it in the forest. Another Youkai in the form of a giant head bursts out of the bushes and devours it leaving a trail of blood. Hiragi and Natori appears before Natsume and he learns they were after it. He is invited to help him out and attend a gathering where both Youkais and people with similar abilities as Natsume gathered. Hoping he could find someone he could share his pain with, he decides to go and comes across an old woman named “Nanase” who could also see Youkais. She was the secretary of a powerful Youkai hunter Matoba and offers them a pot to help seal the big headed Youkai.

Zokuchou 11

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Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou, Episode Summaries 07 ~ 10

Episode 7
One Mustn’t Call Another’s Name

After being captured by the very Youkai they were searching for, Natsume loses his ability to see Youkais but manages to escape. Finding the Youkai again was going to be much more difficult and while searching for the missing Natsume, Nyanko joins the list of the ones to be eaten. However, they remain determined to win this challenge set before them and find a way to seal the threatening Youkai for good.

Zokuchou 07

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Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou 06

Episode 6 Summary
The Girl’s Markings

Natsume was being dragged by one of his friends to see a cute girl from another class. He claims she has always been looking at him and may have affections for him. They soon arrive at the classroom and see a short-haired girl sitting alone at a desk gazing out the window. She gets up to leave but is stopped by Nishimura. For some reason, she suddenly walks off after seeing Natsume.

Meet cute girl.

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Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou 05

Episode 5 Summary
The Promised Tree

Natsume was on the way home with his friends who were discussing whether they should go snowboarding or not but, Natsume wasn’t paying attention. He was too busy staring up at the sky. He didn’t look too well either. Maybe he didn’t have enough sleep but, he should be fine because he’s already taken some medicine. Suddenly he notices a long haired little boy across the bridge. He points out to him but none of this friends could see him. Natsume thought to himself it must be Youkai as the boy runs off.

A Youkai appears out of nowhere again.

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Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou 04

Episode 4 Summary
The Baby Bird Hatches

Natsume was watching a nest of birds from his window and explains to Nyanko there were five eggs there but, one of them still haven’t hatched yet so he was watching over it. Suddenly, he notices someone by the gates but Nyanko doesn’t see anyone. He rushes out to double-check and only finds the Kanji “land” written on the pillar outside. Only Youkais could see it. Suddenly the family of birds fly away.


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