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Kurokami The Animation, Episode Summaries 11 ~ 14

Episode 11

Keita wakes up to find Akane, Kuro and an old friend by his side. He was surprised to find that his classmate Sawamura, who he thought had died long ago in an accident, standing before him. However, Sawamura doesn’t answer to the name and says he was now Daichi Kuraki working for the Kaionji group. They had arranged for his sub to die so that his disappearance from school wouldn’t appear suspicious. Sawamura had been the top student in class and because of that was very popular with the girls but, his cocky attitude meant he irritated many. One day, Keita saved him from being beaten. Kuraki now asked him to join him to fight against Reishin’s plan so that they can control the Doppel Liner System and thus, control their own fates to avoid any more tragedies. Kuro was against the idea but says nothing and concentrates on finding his brother instead.

Kurokami 11

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Kurokami The Animation, Episode Summaries 07 ~ 10

Episode 7
Kuro’s Past

On their way to the airport, Akane and Keita come across Kuro’s bodyguard Yakumo and find out that she was a princess of the Sacred Lions Tribe. He was with one of the Master Roots that had escaped from the Kaionji Corporation, Riona Kogure because they were going to perform some sort of experiment on her. They also learn their chain of convenience stores were being used to find more Sub Roots to create Master Roots. As they wait for their flight, Kuro decides to tell Keita about her past and how her brother Reishin had suddenly killed their entire tribe including their mother. Suddenly Hiyou, who was banished from the Guardian’s sacred land for bringing humans there for experimenting, appears to capture Kuro.

Kurokami 07

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